What Separates Boring From Other Rifle Companies

Boring Rifles is LITERALLY different. Built by hand on a manual machine by one operator. We build and treat every rifle as if it were our own. Exacting tolerances between the barrel and receiver, ensuring all components become one. In turn, creating the best shooting experience possible.

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We set out with Boring Rifles to build custom rifles that perform for the price you pay. A tremendous value and a rifle that is built as well as possible. No macho fluff, just performance.

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Messaged these guys because I was interested in getting a rifle built and the customer service was great and I haven’t even bought a rifle from them! I even had multiple questions on prices, calibers, my current gun or my brother wanting a build and they answered all the questions no problem! Great company! Great customer service! I can only imagine how much better it’ll be after I purchase a rifle….. or 2! Keep up the good work BORING RIFLES!
The Utah Outdoorsman

Boring Rifles is the go to one stop shop for your custom rifle builds! Built several rifles for me and they are all fantastic. Works with you to build exactly what you want. Highly recommended!!!
Hudson Cole Pilling

Boring rifles is an amazing company. I’ve been using them for the last while with nothing but praise. Their setups are very well put together and always trued to super tight tolerance. I would suggest them to anyone on the market for a custom built rifle that you can shoot accurately with confidence.
Jaron Coleman

When Karston asked what I wanted in a gun I said a rifle that I’ll always know it’s my fault for missing. He didn’t disappoint. I’ve had two rifles built with great workmanship, tight tolerances, and flawless performance. Fantastic turn around, deadly accurate, and amazing value. I highly recommend Boring Rifles!
Jon Christiansen