Karston Davis- Owner at Boring Rifles

Karston had a vision to build rifles that stand out from the crowd, hence the name "Boring" came along. With his attention to detail and love for shooting he has brought a new look and feel to the gun market.

Karston handles all the machine work here at Boring so if you purchase a rifle odds are Karston built it! Karston takes the approach of "every rifle is built as if it were my own" giving each of you the peace of mind in knowing only the best products were used, and the attention to detail is second to none!


Cole Quarnberg- Marketing / PR / Sales

Cole is the Marketing and PR Director here at Boring. He also helps with day to day sales and manages all the requests we get for media.

Cole has been in the industry for over a decade starting with Remington Arms and Barnes Bullets and converting over to a marketing role a few years ago. He has shot for "pro" teams and has been sponsored by multiple companies within the industry, this giving him the opportunity to help push Boring Rifles into the next generation.


Kenny Herrin -  Pro Staff Member

Born and raised in East Texas, Kenny has been blessed with the opportunity to work with and around some of the best whitetail deer breeders in Texas.

Kenny owns Herrin Outfitters out of Canton Tx. Although he works mainly around whitetail deer and other exotics his passion is varmint hunting.


Jared Thomas -  Pro Staff Member

Jared is a 32 year old husband and father of 3.

He is a full time firefighter/paramedic and a personal trainer. Jared is very passionate about the the outdoors and enjoys passing that love on to younger generations as well as new hunters.

Jared is very excited and honored to be apart of the Boring Rifles team!


Rusty Smith - Pro Staff Member

Rusty grew up on a cattle ranch in southeastern Idaho. When he and his family weren’t working they were chasing mountain lions or chasing anything with antlers.

Not much has changed as Rusty has gotten older.

Rusty works as a Salesman and still loves to get out into the hills anytime the work is done. Married to a patient wife that puts up with him and all the outdoor activities for the last 20 plus years. Rusty is a father of two amazing kids and love sharing his passion for the outdoorsy with them. His favorite animal to pursue? The one that he currently has a tag for in his pocket. The older Rusty gets the more and more he appreciates and loves the experiences that the outdoors provide.