Misc and Finishes


Here at boring, we understand you might not have time to set your rifle up correctly, or maybe you just aren’t sure how to. We can get your rifle set up 100% so when you get your rifle it’s turn and burn. We also have scope mounts and optics in stock if you want us to install it for you. 

Bolt Fluting- (Remington only) Specs $80.00
Drop data for custom turrets from range $200.00
Bead blast barreled action $50.00
Scope mounting and level $50.00
ARCA rail and Installation $200.00

Finish Work

We do all of our own cerakote and hydro dip so if you want an upgrade or want your new rifle colored we can make that happen.  Let us know if there is something custom we can do as well, it really is what sets Boring apart. 

Cerakote 1 Color $200.00
Hydro dipping (Exclusive with Utah Hydrographic) $125.00

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