Managing Hunting Data

Hunting is a pastime as old as time itself. However, hunting technology is ever evolving, and frankly tends to leave people behind sometimes. Technology improvements in hunting rifles and ammo is growing by leaps and bounds, and improving the precision and distance capabilities of hunters across the board. People love going to the local shop …

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Choosing a Rifle Scope

If you have found this article, then chances are, you are on the right path to completing your next rifle build, or you are trying to remedy some mistakes that could have been made during your last build.  As with almost any aspect in shooting, and most industries, if you ask 10 different people what …

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Mission Statement

We set out with Boring rifles to build custom rifles that perform for the price you pay. A tremendous value that is built as well as possible. No fluff, just performance! Each rifle is tried and true before it leaves the shop.