Barrel Work

Here at Boring we only use the best barrels on the market, so if you need one we have you covered. We guarantee our work and you can feel comfortable choosing our barrels. We keep multiple brands in stock so please ask and lets get your build started! 

Thread muzzle and install Boring Titanium seamless brake $275.00
Thread only (comes with knurled thread protector) $125.00
Cut and re-crown barrel with target crown $80.00
Seamless thread protector $60.00
Knurled thread protector $20.00
Chamber Job $275.00
Chamber job with threads and thread protector $375.00
Prefit Barrels Available ( Terminus, Lone Peak, Impact Precision, and Defiance) Starting at 650.00

Available Reamer Sizes

22 Creedmoor 6mm Creedmoor 6 PRC 6 GT 6 Dasher 6.5 Creedmoor 6.5 PRC 6.5 SAUM 6.5-300 WSM 6.5-300 PRC 6.5 X47 6.5-284 Lapua Spec. 26 Nosler 28 Nosler
280 Ackley 7mm-08 7 SAUM 7MM Rem Mag 7-300 Norma 300 PRC 300 Win MAG 300 RUM 300 WSM 300 Norma Mag 33 Nosler 37XC

Other sizes available upon request

Action Work

Boring will true your existing action to exacting tolerances. As of right now we only true 700 based actions. 

True Action to Boring Specs $200.00
Thread bolt knob and install bolt knob (Remington actions only) $85.00
Wyatts Box inlet and install $75.00

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